Riflessioni sul Perdono, sulla Dignità e sulla Riconciliazione

Pastor James Wuye

1. I negoziati di pace, generalmente, sono incentrati sulle dimensioni politica ed economica. Quale è la Sua percezione della necessità di toccare aspetti più profondi e genuini della riconciliazione e come si può ottenere questo?

To build and sustain real peace and to ensure that political and economic stability in any given society is achieved, there should be trust between the people involved in a feud. This will elicit the desire to contribute their quota of love and affection in any given environment as a potent weapon in safeguarding the interest of one another to the exclusion of hatred and resentment.
Confidence building is important in ensuring that parties to a dispute will be treated in accordance with the universal golden rule which abounds in most religious values.
The most pragmatic and results-oriented method is to engage in a process that is all encompassing, inclusive and transparent, working on the core needs of the stakeholders in conflicts. Several shuttling activities between the parties by a credible and neutral person have to be in place and part of the process, as this will result in the building of trust and confidence.

2. Quali sono le condizioni nelle quali, al di là dell’assicurare gli interessi della parti in conflitto, può essere stabilito un processo incentrato su un senso di equità e dignità?

Fairness to me entails justice and equity in dealing with issues, working outside the orbit and analyzing the context objectively while working with parties in conscience, so as to elicit solutions. The system should also take into cognizance the value, customs and the tradition of the parties; it should create a space for maneuvers in case of stalemate; a face saving outcome for the representatives.
Reconciliation is like a bridge that reconnects people in dispute, the issues under contention are on one side while the other entity stands on the opposite side. The current of the swift river is tension that can make or mar a situation.
The bridge starts with repentance, forgiveness, dialogue, negotiation, peace education, conflict resolution. Reconciliation is a biblical injunction, a condition, a mandate; it is a ministry that was delegated by Jesus Christ to every Bible practicing Christian. It is a condition attached to forgiveness and to a holy lifestyle that will open or close the gate to eternal life and bliss. Reconciliation is necessary if a Christian wants his\her prayers and supplications answered. Without reconciliation there can never be a true atmosphere of intimate worship and relationship with God our creator. Reconciliation is both horizontal and vertical, between oneself and his fellow human beings, humankind and his divinity.

3. Quanto il perdono è essenziale alla dimensione della riconciliazione? Alla radice della Sua cultura politica e/o della Sua fede religiosa quali sono i principi che implicano o escludono il perdono? Quali versi o detti che fanno parte del Suo personale patrimonio spirituale possono, nella sua opinione, avere un significato universale

There is no genuine reconciliation without a sincere forgiveness as this is the panacea for bitterness from which hate and disposition of vengeance is generated. Real reconciliation can only be possible when there is forgiveness for harm done to oneself. However, the conviction comes from God; hence as a true Christian forgiveness is necessitated by one deciding to forgive the people of an offence; because in the Holy Bible Christians are commanded to forgive, this simply meant that Jesus Christ that knew no sin was made sin as the basis of justification by God so as to reconnect us back to God’s love which should be an avenue for us to learn and to forgive from the depth of our heart.
Although forgiveness is a very hard task, it remains the only option of a true and sustainable reconciliation is desired.

4. Il perdono richiede qualche forma di pentimento da parte di coloro a cui il perdono viene offerto? Il perdono ha condizioni o è senza condizioni?

True forgiveness should be offered unconditionally without placing any demand on the recipient of the forgiveness that is offered. When it is given unconditionally, it creates a feeling of remorse which in turn engender reflective action, bringing about a change in the person’s earlier held beliefs and positions.
True reconciliation becomes absolutely impossible without forgiveness. The Christian religious perspective quoting Matthew 18:35, it declares unequivocally that the forgiveness of God cannot be obtained if one finds it difficult to forgive his fellow mortal and this is irrespective of the gravity of the offence that is committed against one. Christians see forgiveness as a divine injunction which must be respected and obeyed.

Conduct a search on peace practitioners who are conversant with reconciliation and forgiveness process, so as to bring them together for experiential sharing.
Hold regional conferences to identify needs from these regions with the aim of analyzing them for effective intervention strategy formulation, specifically with plans of action to address the challenges.
Constitute a networks around specific skills and expertise who will in turn share their expertise with other stakeholders for effective global intervention on reconciliation and forgiveness.
Reconciliation for refugees in Diaspora, as they carry their pains and unforgiveness to countries where they are residing. It is important to put in place a team that will follow these displaces persons to their camps with teams of practitioners who specializes in trauma healing rituals in areas of reconciliation. Religious peacemakers to de-program the people from their stereotypes, misgivings, misconception and hate.
Mobile ministries for forgiveness and reconciliation teams should be structured to address thematic grouping, on intra religious-ethnic and inter-religious, inter–ethnic groups. This team should be trained with the basic skills in pecebuilding, forgiveness and reconciliation. On continental, global north and south the network should aimed at given capacity trainings to local partners to execute and administer the process.

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