Riflessioni sul Perdono, sulla Dignità e sulla Riconciliazione

John Bangura

Riflessioni sul perdono

Indeed forgiveness requires some form of repentance on the side of those to whom forgiveness is offered, with a few variations. Genuine forgiveness whether given or received is and should be unconditional.  A greater part of African traditional Reconciliation must be deployed alongside  modern reconciliation techniques. Both traditions are compatible.

Forgiveness in my experience has two dimensions as follows:

  1. It is not in all cases that a perpetrator of a wrong act may volunteer to ask for forgiveness. In situations like this, a victim may aspire to confront the perpetrator and offer forgiveness for any wrongs that person may have done. This form of forgiveness in my opinion is the most genuine and sustainable.
  2. In order to promote genuine reconciliation in Africa in particular, well established structures and activities are required.
    1. Traditional/Chieftaincy  institutions with its under the tree reconciliation programmes. HOPE SL uses this method a lot in its reconciliation drive .
    2. Traditional family peace and reconciliation entities
    3. Women traditional societal institutions
    4. Men traditional societal institutions

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