What we do

Our practice is rooted in the human dimension and we place dignity at the forefront of all our actions in the pursuit of reconciliation and peace.

Our programs are centered on the integration between peace, security and development with a focus on transforming the human precursors to, and legacies of conflict – ranging from trauma to hate, from prejudice to revenge, from fear to anger and beyond – into dialogue, forbearance, understanding, empathy and mutual collaboration for a shared future.

We understand, based on our own experience, that until these human factors are addressed, personal and collective memories of suffering will return and enmities will ultimately re-emerge to destroy any progress made towards peace and development, re-engaging populations in cycles of violence and revenge.

Areas in which we work:

Mediation and Dialogue

  • We create platforms for mediation, reconciliation, and political and social dialogue involving key actors at local, national and international levels
  • We promote a political culture of peace, nonviolence, forgiveness, and individual and collective dignity
  • We protect and affirm human dignity, gender and legal equality
  • We promote cultural and political pluralism and the principles of democracy and the rule of law

Security and Development

  • We promote human security interventions in order to support peace processes and sustainable development
  • We assess the social, economic, and security needs of fragile communities to implement initiatives that help reduce poverty and inequality through the improvement of living conditions, better access to health and the creation of opportunities and alternatives to conflict, violence and terrorism
  • We develop and advocate for locally inspired integrated action plans shared with relevant national and international stakeholders
  • We promote the rise of a shared collective consciousness in order to strengthen the capacities and cohesion of fragile and vulnerable communities

Education and Culture

  • We promote access to education for vulnerable communities
  • We promote academic and vocational training activities in collaboration with local and international entities
  • We promote cultural activities for the preservation of local traditions and social cohesion
  • We promote the creation of communication and media platforms

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