Reflections on Forgiveness, Dignity and Reconciliation

Click on the cover to download the digital version of the Meditation on Forgiveness, published by Jaja Pasquini and Alberto Melloni (2010).

The inception of Ara Pacis Initiatives for Peace traces its origin to an active reflection on forgiveness in its various political, religious and cultural meanings: in light of the establishment of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) – , mediation, restorative justice, reparations, the role of international bodies, as well as the commitment of religions to peace, began to acquire a role of paramount importance in the resolution of conflict the world over.

Processes of forgiveness and reconciliation became a revolutionary key to modify the course of events which were otherwise destined to remain unchanged.

It was in this context that leading personalities -with respect to political responsibility and spiritual vision – were invited to participate and initiate a reflection on how and where forgiveness could become an instrument of peace.

Each participant was asked four questions on forgiveness based on their personal and direct experiences in the areas of conflict, reconciliation, trauma and the restoration of human dignity: the visions of men and women who, despite having suffered inhuman tragedies, were able to overcome hatred and the sirens of revenge. 

The questions aimed to construct a collective parallel interview collected in the “Breviary of Forgiveness,” edited by Jaja Pasquini and Alberto Melloni (2010). 

Over the years, these themes appear to have lost influence and importance, shunned and replaced by a new securitarian and warlike mindset which is deeply scarring our world.

Precisely for this reason, today more than ever, these reflections remain a fundamental moral, spiritual and political tool in the quest for reconciliation among nations and communities.

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