Ara Pacis Inaugurates the Health Center in Tessalit, Mali

Tessalit, Mali, June 15, 2022 – The Health Center of Tessalit, established by Ara Pacis within the framework of the Sahara Peace Hub Project and in collaboration with the local NGO Efes N'Tamadrite, has been inaugurated.

This is the first segment of the Sahara Peace Hub in the northern part of the country. The Health Center provides basic healthcare services in a region that, since 2012, has experienced a systemic crisis due to the Tuareg insurgency, the rise of jihadism, ethnic-social tensions, widespread poverty, and the limited presence of the state, leaving various northern communities without adequate healthcare. The Center will benefit not only the Tessalit community but also the populations of nearby villages and circles such as Abeibara, Kidal, and Tinessako.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Tessalit, who welcomed the initiative with gratitude and enthusiasm, the representative of the women of Tessalit, and a representative of civil society who stated: “Today, thanks to this facility, giving birth, conducting blood tests, ultrasounds, and medical consultations is no longer a problem. Our populations can finally breathe a sigh of relief. On the faces of all those women who lost their lives during childbirth or gave birth in the middle of the desert, today I see and hear a cry of relief.”

Since the beginning of its operations, the Center has welcomed a large number of patients not only from Tessalit but also from the communes of Adjelhoc and Timtaghene, as well as from neighboring Algeria. The Tessalit Health Center is currently the only open healthcare facility in the commune of Tessalit.

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