Ara Pacis and the Malian NGO EFES N’Tamadrite Inaugurate a Primary School in Inidakh, Northern Mali

Inidakh, Mali, 21/12/22 – The primary school in Inidakh, located in the rural commune of Adjelhoc in the Kidal region of northern Mali, was recently inaugurated. This initiative is the result of the ongoing commitment of Ara Pacis, in collaboration with the Malian NGO EFES N'Tamadrite, to protect and promote a fundamental right: the right to education.

Since 2012, the Kidal region has been experiencing a systemic crisis due to the Tuareg insurgency, the rise of jihadism, ethnic and social tensions, and the limited presence of the state; conditions that do not always guarantee access to education.

The initiative, promoted with the aim of supporting peace and security through aid to local communities, was particularly well received by the beneficiary communities. Among them, the community of indigenous herders who have self-imposed a tax system to ensure the coverage of teaching costs and access to a school canteen for the children.

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