A redesigned logo, a new website and the same strength as always.

We are proud and excited to announce the revamped logo and new website of Ara Pacis Initiatives for Peace, www.arapacis.org. The new logo picks up the physical and symbolic basis of the Ara Pacis, without distorting it, bringing it back in a look that lives in the present, exactly like yesterday’s pax romana to modern […]

Ara Pacis launches the Jewels of the Sahel project

Ara Pacis President Maria Nicoletta Gaida’s visit to Niamey, Niger, where she was the guest, along with internationally renowned jewelry designer Alexandra Mor, of First Lady Khadijia Bazoum, president of Ara Pacis’ partner foundation, NOOR, has just concluded. The visit was an occasion for the launch of JEWELS OF THE SAHEL, a unique project to […]

Agricultural machinery set to support the Fezzan region

The delivery of the second set of agricultural machinery in Sebha took place today as part of the EFEF I project “Enhancing Farming Employment in Fezzan” which aims to support the revitalization of the agricultural sector in the Sebha region. The machinery will be made available to local farmers who will have access to it […]

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