We are proud and excited to announce the revamped logo and new website of Ara Pacis Initiatives for Peace, www.arapacis.org.

The new logo picks up the physical and symbolic basis of the Ara Pacis, without distorting it, bringing it back in a look that lives in the present, exactly like yesterday’s pax romana to modern peace based on dialogue and understanding.

On this journey, it became clear to us the need for a gateway, a portal in this case, that can tell and share the journey of Ara Pacis Initiatives for Peace. So we are happy to host you in a faster site, with an intuitive layout and easier to use. We have streamlined the menus, simplified the navigation and improved the images with a new media section, updated news and a map where you can learn about our activities.

This is just the beginning of a new experience to continue our constant dedication to the human dimension of peace.

Sorry For The Inconvenience

English Version of the arapacis.org is under development​

Il sito della Fondazione Pax Humana è in arrivo!